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for Mobile and Windows Devices

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Provides multiple (2 or 3) complete & independent OS’s using a single CPU, each OS isolated and inaccessible from another OS, preventing cross-contamination between OS’s.  Switching between OS’s takes just seconds, resuming where the OS left off.  Each OS works as a typical, complete device.

What WorkPlay does

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Patented WorkPlay Technology modifies device firmware to create multiple OS’s.  One OS is active at a time while others are placed in sleep mode to resume on switching back.  Even if a user is lured into giving up network access credentials, a hacker cannot access the network from another OS. 

Using WorkPlay 

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Why we created WorkPlay

To eliminate the inherent architectural vulnerability of “shared resources”, i.e., the risk that internet-borne malware can access the kernel (or other resources) and take over the user’s device to obtain the Escalated Privileges to enter connected networks.  Software-based products – like containers and other dual persona – do not eliminate this vulnerability, WorkPlay does.

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Got a little more time? Here's a very brief video...

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InZero - WorkPlay

InZero - WorkPlay

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