Discover the most secure and versatile multi-domain mobile device for enhanced productivity and peace of mind.  Experience the future of Work and Play.

Divide & Conquer
Ideal for isolating Work & Personal use in their own hardware-separated OS 

The Ultimate 2-Domain Data Separation
Between Domains in a Standard
Single-CPU Smartphone

Offering functionality and security with the convenience to switch back and forth
between Operating Systems
in just a few seconds

Provides multiple (2 or 3) complete & independent OS’s using a single CPU, each OS isolated and inaccessible from another OS, preventing cross-contamination between OS’s.  Switching between OS’s takes just seconds, resuming where the OS left off.  WorkPlay is created by a firmware modification with relatively small code. 

Each OS works as a typical, complete device.  One OS is active at a time while others are placed in sleep mode to resume on switching back.  Even if a user is lured into giving up network access credentials, the inherent Zero Trust multi-domain nature of the WorkPlay multi-domain approach prevents a hacker from accessing the network from another OS. 

We developed WorkPlay to eliminate the inherent architectural vulnerability of “shared resources”, i.e., the risk that internet-borne malware can access the kernel (or other resources) and take over the user’s device to obtain the Escalated Privileges to enter connected networks.  Software -based products – like containers and other dual persona – do not eliminate this vulnerability, WorkPlay does. 

To learn more about WorkPlay, please watch our video

The adage
has never been more important than for mobile device  Business and Personal separation and cross-contamination prevention.