Comprehensive Hardware-Enforced IoT Security by Design

Maximum Hardware-Enforcement
focused on Continuous Prevention of Cyber Attack

A Complete
IoT Security Package

Security by DESIGN
Cyber Attacks

TRIPLiot creates hardware-enforced, isolated real-time (1) firmware updates, (2) code integrity check and (3) ongoing data traffic monitoring in IoT devices, through a separate in-device mini-VM/OS that is inaccessible to any incoming malware. This eliminates risk, delay and need for individual device update using mere software-based security.  Applying Zero Trust principles, TRIPLiot VM/OS automatically checks firmware code and device communications to correct code and stop unauthorized traffic.

TRIPLiot is installed as specific IoT device firmware code to provide the desired security functions in their own Security Domain, at the developer level. Changes are made through firmware updates, remotely installed Over-The-Air (OTA) requiring minimal interruption of device use, for most cases literally just seconds.

TRIPLiot overcomes the known unreliability and delays that typically occur when an IoT device is infected and potentially causes widespread breach.  TRIPLiot hardware-enforcement of security functions protects the device even if the operating environment is infected, successfully overcoming 30 hacker teams at a USCYBERCOM Hack-the-Building Challenge.  


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The TRIPLiot Choice:
EITHER you control your IoT devices or they control you. TRIPLiot security is
because it's