Cloud Safe Passage

Advances security and usability of Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology (CDR)

Eliminate & Expose:
Hidden malware can't hide in attachments any more... and we tell you what we found

CDR technology,
the way it should be

Separates and isolates
single-use Disarm and Reconstruction functions
to assure only clean,
valid code performs Reconstruction

Cloud Safe Passage advances the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) method in removing hidden executables and reconstructing original files with only authorized content, specifically overcoming current CDR software offering vulnerabilities by (1) separating Disarm and Reconstruction functions in their own environment, (2) using a new, isolated Disarm after each use, and (3) employing simple clean valid code in Reconstruction.

Using our dashboard, Sys Admin determines policy, e.g., permitted formats for attachments, personal user choices, etc. Attachments then are subject to the speedy Cloud Safe Passage process (typically a few seconds). Cloud Safe Passage also includes a separate “CSP Report”  to notify the user when malware or questionable content was detected and removed.  

CDR has been around for 20 years, yet the malicious attachment is alive and well to trigger mass data breaches, so we addressed important, known shortcomings to make significant security and usability advancements, without any compromise in use. Our feature isolation and single-use functionality reflects our Zero Trust approach in assuring that no Cloud Safe Passage code carries hidden malware.  

Making hidden malware
in attachments
What you see
is what you get -
Nothing more, Nothing less, Nothing hidden

and reporting
what we found