Physically 2-phones-in-1 with 2 complete Circuit Boards inside for maximum dual persona security

isn't like
carrying 2 phones in 1
it IS
carrying 2 phones in 1

The functionality and security
of carrying 2 phones
only more convenient and efficient

TwinBoard effectively provides 2 complete and independent physical mobile devices with the touch, look and feel of a standard device.  This is done through 2 standard circuit boards and the InZero proprietary mini-board to control the shared display, buttons and battery, without risk of cross-contamination between devices.  Our mini-board can also isolate functions like Wi-Fi access to eliminate malware risk that malware can exfiltrate the data from either inside device. 

TwinBoard is the ultimate dual-use multi-domain mobile device.  It operates as if the user were carrying 2 devices, both open and active, with calls to either device ringing for user pick-up.  Switching is truly instant between each device, picking up where it previously left off. 

TwinBoard was created as the ultimate dual-use mobile technology by eliminating any attack surface that exists in a single-CPU device. It has 2 inside circuit boards,  each interacts with the small Mini-Board for controlling the display, battery, and buttons – i.e., no user data or network connection is accessed through the Mini-Board.  Consequently, there is no cyberattack target created by the Mini-Board to allow potential data network access.

When 1 truly equals 2

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