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Cyber security 
at the hardware level,
where it belongs . . . 

Because when it comes 
to cyber security,
can do what

We’re a dedicated R&D company that . . .

Solves KNOWN endpoint, network and IoT device security problems,

Through innovations that add critical DATA SEPARATION


While IMPROVING the user

and Sys Admin experience.

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Innovative Solutions for

Endpoint Devices

Cloud Networks

IoT Appliances

that overcome

known vulnerabilities

to attack threats like

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Solutions providing advanced,

deep cyber security for:

Patented Innovative

Technology that . . .



General Enterprise

Critical Infrastructure

Custom Security Needs

Works below the app level





Works for all endpoint devices

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IoT devices

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WorkPlay Technology™ 

for Mobile and Windows

Patented Multiple Domains for User Endpoint Device

OS, Kernel, Drivers, RAM
Complete OS
OS, Kernel, Drivers, RAM
Complete OS

Even 3 OS's can be done

Patented hardware-enforced multiple,

isolated, complete, 

independent operating systems

on a single CPU.

  What happens in an OS, stays in that OS.


for Mobile

Patented 2-Mobile-Devices-in-1

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TwinBoard 2-in-1.png

Two physical hardware smartphones or tablets - with 2 complete circuit boards inside – and the look, feel & convenience of a single device.

 When 1 truly equals 2


Real-time, in-device security for IoT Devices

Patented Automatic IoT Security
with the speed it deserves

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Patented secure and reliable

real-time in-device firmware updates,

integrity check and monitoring

in their own isolated and separate VM/OS. 

For IoT updates,

turning days and hours into just seconds.

InZero Cloud Safe Passage

for Endpoints & Cloud Services

Patented CDR Security and Usability Advances

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Bringing important security and usability advancements

to standard Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology.  

"Triple Isolation" making CDR

much safer & easier to use

JustView It™


Endpoints & Cloud Services

Viewing the file away from the endpoint

JustView It.png

Secure and isolated Preview 

of an original file as a picture

without exposing the endpoint to the original file.

If there’s the slightest security doubt,

or need to see an incoming file just once,

Why not first JustView It?

SmartHyp Virtualization™

for Mobile

Patented Mobile Device Bare-Metal Virtualization

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Eliminating power and performance problems

while improving security, too. 

Making mobile bare-metal virtualization

a practical reality.


for Mobile

Patented Mobile Device Isolated Security

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Patented hardware-enforced endpoint firewall
in its own isolated  mini-OS, 
preventing exfiltration
(even if the user's OS is infected).

Keeping the horse in the barn . . . 

even if the barn door is open.

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Separation & Isolation

Protecting Your

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