TwinBoard   for Mobile


Truly 2-in-1 Physical Phones or Tablets

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What TwinBoard does

Combines 2 complete and independent physical smartphones or tablets with the look and feel of a standard device. Has 2 standard circuit boards and the InZero proprietary mini-board to control the shared display, buttons and battery, without risk of cross-contamination between devices. Accommodates up to 4 phone numbers. And our mini-board can isolate functions like Wi-Fi access to eliminate malware risk in a device inside.    

Using TwinBoard

Simply like having 2 separate devices only better: Need to carry and charge only one device. Switching between devices is instant, returning back to exactly where a device left off. An  incoming call to either phone will ring to allow immediate pickup. Requires no compromise in apps, including security, in either device inside. 

Why we created TwinBoard

To provide the security of 2 separate physical devices with the convenience and efficiency of one. Ideal for situations when absolute separation of device data access is required or desired (e.g., gov’t, BYOD); where carrying multiple devices is inconvenient or burdensome (e.g., military); or where regulatory compliance is advanced by isolating regulated data (HIPAA, FINRA,)  

Got a little more time? Here's a very brief video...

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