TRIPLiot™ for IoT Devices

Hardware-secure Real-time Updating, Integrity Check & Monitoring

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What TRIPLiot does

Creates hardware-enforced, isolated real-time firmware updates, code integrity check and ongoing data traffic monitoring in IoT devices, through a separate in-device mini-VM/OS that is inaccessible to any incoming malware. This eliminates risk and delay from pure software security,  or need for individual device update that requires physical device access. TRIPLioT VM/OS automatically checks firmware code and device communications to correct code and stop unauthorized traffic.

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Using TRIPLiot

TripLiot security modules are created by InZero for specific device firmware code to provide and allow installation of TRIPLiot functions, as selected by the device OEM or customer, through firmware update. Then, as updates are created from time to time, these also are remotely installed requiring minimal offline interruption of device use, for most cases literally just seconds.


Why we created TRIPLiot

To overcome the known unreliability and delays that typically occur when an IoT device is infected and potentially causes widespread breach, or in an individual situation allows hackers and other criminals to take advantage of the delay and burden of IoT device correction to cause harm such as through targeted ransomware. In short, to put important device security in the device, where it belongs.

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Got a little more time? Here's a very brief video...

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InZero TRIPLiot

InZero TRIPLiot

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