SmartHyp™ Mobile

 Bare-Metal Type 1 Virtualization 


What SmartHyp does

Works as an effective, practical standard Bare-Metal (Type 1) mobile virtualization, eliminating  typical power and performance problems of this form of technology, through our different types of VMs: (1)  the "Foreground" VM in use at any given time, (2) "Background" VMs that, while inactive, send notifications of incoming communications, and (3) optional “mini-VMs" for isolated security functions like our TrustWall (below).  

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Using SmartHyp 

In SmartHyp’s Bare-Metal virtualization, the user works in the Foreground VM, and to change to another OS switches in seconds to a Background VM  - which becomes the active Foreground VM - by pressing our switch icon, resuming exactly where it previously left off. Meanwhile, notification of communications to a Background VM is automatically received in the Foreground VM.

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Why we created SmartHyp

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To solve the performance and power problems histor-ically plaguing prior indus-try attempts at mobile bare-metal hypervisors by using our 3 different types of VMs.

Got a little more time? Here's a very brief video...

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InZero SmartHyp

InZero SmartHyp

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