JustView It™

 Safe Preview of the Original File

What "JustView It"  does

As a feature of Cloud Safe Passage, "JustView It" provides a safe image of the original file  - simply a picture - for viewing in the cloud by the user and for comparing with the Reconstructed file. The original file is never introduced into the endpoint computer, eliminating risk of infection from viewing the file. Can be used as a standalone feature, without Cloud Safe Passage file transfer. 

Using "JustView It" 

The user just clicks on the "JustView It"  link. If just viewing it is sufficient, the user does not need to download the file. The  Reconstructed file can be stored in the cloud for later downloading. Both the "JustView It" Preview and Reconstructed file can be compared side-by-side.  

Why we created

"JustView It" 

Common Preview apps have been shown to be vulnerable to malware, which can infect the endpoint computer and potentially even access connected networks.  To eliminate this risk, “JustView It” was created to assure that the Preview itself is devoid of infection and is never introduced into the user’s computer. It also lend the comfort of allowing safe comparison with the Reconstructed version. An optional feature for use if and when desired. 

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