About Us and this Website ​

Our Company

Answering the call for
new and improved cybersecurity technologies

It is irrefutable that cyber attacks are (1) growing in number, (2) exploiting vulnerabilities in current computer hardware and software, and (3) especially targeting the users and their devices, the endpoint. Given the increasing trend in remote business activity, personal reliance on our various devices, the Dark Web and ransomware attacks, cybercrime is more profitable than ever. Once the attacker experiences one success with an attack method, the method is extensively repeated.


The emphasis on device use - convenience, efficiency, scope of activity with hundreds of available applications  - makes it more important than ever to proactively protect the device with methods and solutions that keep the cyberattack from accessing and exploiting device software, architecture and internal system resources.


That's where we come in.

Our Mission

Eliminating vulnerabilities
in standard endpoint technologies

We are a privately owned specialty R&D firm (Sterling, VA) dedicated to creating and developing new cybersecurity methods and solutions for endpoint devices. 

We do this fundamentally by isolation and separation of data and security functions creating Zero Trust next-generation methods and products, or what we like to call "InZero Trust". 

Our consistent approach is to (1) identify known vulnerabilities in existing cyber technology, (2) develop unique ways to overcome them, and (3) create resulting commercial products or physical samples and demonstration versions for customer evaluation. 

The uniqueness of our Technologies is confirmed in 11 U.S. Patents, encompassing all of our Technologies. These are commercially-ready to license by our partners.

Company Leadership

Experience with prominent international
technology companies

Our company is led by Lou Hughes, whose extensive corporate and Board of Directors experience includes leading General Motors International and Lockheed Martin, and Board of Directors membership with prominent international companies like ABB, British Telecom, Deutsche Bank, Alcatel Lucent,  and Nokia. This background perfectly serves Lou’s role in leading InZero as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

This Website

InZero Technologies Basics

Our website is designed to forthrightly explain our current Portfolio of commercially ready-licensable Patented technologies. To informatively present and demonstrate our unique methods, we necessarily assume the viewer has a basic understanding of endpoint device architecture and components, as well as standard cybersecurity  methods.

We welcome follow-up inquiry to further address in depth technical or commercial topics arising from our Patented Portfolio.