Our Mission

We're entirely dedicated to overcoming known and unsolved problems in cyber security through innovation at deeper, more secure levels than typical software products.

Our Technologies - Patented and Patent-pending  

All our technologies are either patented or patent-pending. So far, we hold patents on:

  • TwinBoard – Our 2 physical smartphones or tablets in a single device, literally having 2 independent circuit boards

  • WorkPlay – 2 or 3 complete and independent Operating Systems in a single device using a single circuit board and CPU

  • TrustWall – Our hardware-enforced isolated, endpoint firewall to prevent unauthorized outgoing traffic

  • TRIPLiot – Our Internet-of-Things in-device, real-time firmware update, integrity check and monitoring

  • Gateway – A standalone appliance to permit secure browsing outside of the end user’s computer

The Company

We are privately held, led by founders Gerald E. O’Shaughnessy (Executive Chairman of Geopark, Ltd (NYSE)) and Louis R. Hughes (formerly President of GM Int’l, CEO of Lockheed Martin, and Board of Directors’ member of nine multi-national companies, such as Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent and ABB).  The Company’s strategy and business development is led by Vice President Matthew Dosmann (formerly Mobile Computing Lead for the U.S. Army, Samsung Senior Director Business Development and Cog Systems, Senior Director, North America and Governments). 

The Company’s consulting team includes Charles Brooks, frequent speaker at governmental and enterprise cyber security events; Brian Skutt, ret. US Army, with extensive high-security project and proposal management experience; and Dr. Santosh Chokhani, retired CEO of Cygnacom Solutions, Inc. and NSA advisor.

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