Cloud Safe Passage

with "JustView It"™


What InZero
Cloud Safe Passage does

Advances CDR by “Triple Isolation” of functions: (1) creating separate, isolated modules for the Disarm and Reconstruction functions, (2) using a new, isolated Disarm module after each use, (3) allowing a safe, isolated Preview  (JustView It™) of the original file and safe comparison with the  Reconstructed version. And  employing custom code created for each file format component (header, graphics, etc.), not merely relying  on open source programs.

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Using InZero Cloud Safe Passage

Using our dashboard, Sys Admin determines policy, e.g., permitted formats for attachments, personal user choices, etc. Attachments then are subject to the speedy Cloud Safe Passage process (typically a few seconds). Or, if permitted. the user may simply "JustView It"™, even without receiving a Reconstructed file.  And Cloud Safe Passage also sends a notice of processing activity and results. 


Why we created InZero
Cloud Safe Passage

CDR has been around for 20 years, yet the malicious attachment is alive and well to trigger mass data breach, so we addressed important, known shortcomings to make significant security and usability advancements, without any compromise in use.


Got a little more time? Here's a very brief video...

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InZero Cloud Safe Passage

InZero Cloud Safe Passage

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